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On September 29, the DCAA issued a memorandum to provide guidance to DCAA Field Audit Offices (FAOs) for the official implementation of the Contractor Submission Portal (CSP), a formal electronic method for contractors to submit their certified incurred cost submissions. The CSP, located within the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, is intended to provide a single place for contractors to submit their incurred cost proposal. When the contractor enters CSP, it will have three options: submit a new proposal; update an existing proposal; or withdraw a proposal. Each action will generate an email from CSP to the cognizant FAO mailbox. While the contractor’s use of the portal is not mandatory, the guidance contained in this memorandum is required to be followed to engage the contractor community and encourage its support. Contractors will be highly encouraged and promoted to use the CSP to facilitate the submission of contractor Incurred Cost Proposals.

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