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The highlights of the Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery Initial Report to Congress include:

  • SIGPR has located temporary and long-term office spaces, obtained from Office of Personnel Management waivers for three federal retirees, joined working groups involving Offices of Inspector General, Pandemic Response Accountability Committee members, law-enforcement personnel, and enforcement entities such as FinCEN, the FBI, and the Department of Justice.
  • SIGPR has entered into formal agreements with two US Attorney Offices and is in communication with the SEC, FinCEN, and other partners.
  • SIGPR has hired a core leadership team, including a Deputy Inspector General, chief of staff, chief counsel, Assistant Inspector General for Auditing, Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, Assistant Inspector General for Data Analysis, Deconfliction, Integration, and Whistleblower Protection, Assistant Inspector General for Administration, CIO, and CISO. Additional counsel, investigators, and auditors are in the hiring process. Several data analysts and evaluators are also being recruited.
  • SIGPR has initiated twelve investigations and has reviewed over 10,000 pages of requested documents.
  • SIGPR’s hotline is operational at 927.7899. A website is under development.
  • SIGPR has not been able to hire a contracting officer—the gatekeeper of contracting, with authority from the federal government to enter into contracts on behalf of the organization.

Without a contracting officer, SIGPR cannot enter into contracts, procure goods and services to establish and operate the organization, and most important, acquire the services of experts and consultants to meet the office’s statutory mission.

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